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Move Out Cleaning

Get Your Deposit Back

Key West To Marathon, Florida

Let Our Professional Move Out Cleaning Service Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back!  

Looking For a move out cleaning service in the Lower Keys ?  Look no farther, you have enough things to worry about right now with your move. Rather than worrying about cleaning, too, you should let our move out cleaning service company assist you.  We are here to help you get your security deposit back .  Most landlords expect tenants to clean rentals before they leave, and they’re quick to withhold a rent deposit refund if its not a complete job.  Maid By The Sea also offers convenient move in cleaning and unpacking services with professional organizing to get you settled in to your new home fast.

Move Out Oven Cleaning Lower Keys

Oven Cleaning

If you spent alot of time preparing meals at your rental property It can take hours of scrubbing to get an oven spotless.  Rather than trying to conquer your oven on your own, you should turn to our move out cleaning professionals for help.  

Move Out Pet Cleaning

Pet Cleaning

Those with pets are often scrutinized to a much higher degree since landlords want to make sure the pets don’t affect their ability to rent out the residence.

Our professional move out cleaning crew will make sure there are no traces of your pet left behind.

Move Out Cleaning Fridge & Appliances Fridge

Fridge Cleaning

Our team will disassemble and deep clean the fridge, Remove and dispose of any unwanted food items left behind.  We empty the fridge and defrost the freezer taking care to thoughly sanitize all surfaces remove any food residue, stains & mold.

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Move In Cleaning

Weather your moving out or moving in we provide expert cleaning serivce to help with all your relocating needs

Our Move In-Move Out Cleaning Checklist

  1. Clean inside of all cabinets, drawers, and closets

  2. Dust surfaces such as furniture, windowsills, and light fixtures

  3. Remove trash and-wipe down any plastic trash containers

  4. Vacuum all exposed uncarpeted and carpeted floors

  5. Clean interior mirrors and pictures

  6. Clean all counters and cabinet faces

  7. Wipe exterior of large and small appliances.

  8. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and grout

  9. Mop and treat all exposed uncarpeted floors

  10. Sweep off the front entry way

  11. Remove all cobwebs throughout the property

  12. Cleanshelving and wood work including baseboards and cabinet faces

  13. Scrub and mop all tile, vinyl and/or linoleum floors

  14. Clean and scrub inside of the oven including the racks

  15. Clean and sanitize inside of the refrigerator and freezer

  16. Clean stove hood (exterior)

  17. Clean all areas around the stove top, kitchen sink and island counter tops

  18. Clean outside the front door and hand wipe the exterior of the front door

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