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Why Chose Maid By The Sea? We are commited to providing a level of service and quality unmatched by our competitors. Our goals are to always exceed satisfaction and get the job done right the first time. Experience a new level of relaxing by choosing us.  Enjoy the benefits of having the cleaning pros around. We look forward to assisting you with our services.

The biggest advantage of hiring a housekeeper is having more time for yourself. Whether you’re career-focused or don’t want to miss out on activities with your kids, using a cleaning service will allow you to optimize your time.

Make sure you talk to your cleaner about the problem areas you struggle with the most and let them deal with these (they’re pros at oven stains and bathroom grime). This should make daily upkeep easy and stress-free until they return again.

Your Home Will Always Be Guest Ready. Another reason why so many people are turning to professional housekeeping services is the benefit of having a guest-ready home at all times. Before receiving visitors, most of us like to do a vigorous clean. But when you’re cooking or trying to arrange entertainment as well, getting everything done can be stressful. A regular cleaning service allows you to be house proud even when unexpected visitors drop by.

Dirty Bathrooms & Tile Will Be A Thing Of The Past. Every home has its hard to clean areas and these are usually the bathroom and kitchen. The problem with leaving these areas for too long without a proper clean is that dirt and grime can get compacted, mold and bacteria can grow,


Hiring an expert housekeeper will help you stay on top of these problem areas, ensuring tough stains and mould spores are kept at bay.

Tile Bathroom Cleaning.jpg

You Can Stop Shopping For Cleaning Products. Cleaning products can be expensive, especially if you buy specialist products for targeting specific problems. It’s likely you won’t use certain niche cleaners again before they expire. Additionally, most people shop for cleaning products when doing their groceries so selection is often limited. It’s common to stick with expensive, well-known brands without knowing what’s inside them or how they compare to others

A Clean Home Is Better For Your Health And Wellbeing. There have been numerous studies about how a clean home can be good for your health. You can manage stress levels more effectively when you relax in a comfortable space. It’s important to have a sanctuary to escape to at the end of a long day, and the whole family will benefit from improved mental health.


When it comes to physical health, a cleaner home improves indoor air quality, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, minimises the spread of germs, and can generally promote heathier lifestyles.

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